Support to Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Jordan

SRTD-II is the second phase of the “Support to Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Jordan” project.

SRTD-II will build on the research and commercialisation elements of SRTD-I, providing more focus on supporting applied research based on national priorities, involving the private sector with defining research needs, and supporting strong innovative ideas from research to commercially viable projects.

SRTD-II overall objective 
Increase the contribution of Jordan’s research & technological development and innovation sectors to Jordan’s economic growth and employment.

Specific Objective 

1. Further develop Jordan’s applied research & technological capacity with a focus on the commercialization of research and technological development (RTD) results for use by the private sector, especially small and medium enterprise (SMEs).

2. Continue the integration of Jordan into the European research area and community framework programme.

The project will take a thematic approach for delivering its results, focusing on the key areas of water, energy, food and health, which fit into Jordan’s national research priorities.

Expected results and activities:

Three results are expected to be achieved by SRTD-II:

1. Increased levels of applied research, targeted towards the agreed priorities and needs of Jordan and often developed in partnership with the private sector, leading to commercially viable and valuable output:

1.1. Define research needs based on national research priorities, FP7/Horizon 2020 priorities, and input from the private sector.
utilizing the 50 focal points created during SRTD-I to disseminate information about EU research programmes, and provide support to applicants in their participation in EU funded programmes at national and European levels.  

1.2. Support research activities through a grant scheme.
opportunities will be given through a call for proposal to benefit from a minimum of 60 grants (40 for applied research and 20 for commercialization), with a maximum amount of €25,000 for each grant.

2. Increased numbers of registered patents, spin-out companies, joint ventures and technology licenses created as a direct result of research activities, in cooperation with the Technological Transfer Units (TTUs) that were established to:
2.1 Strengthened capabilities of the technology transfer networking, specifically within research organizations.

2.2 Deliver increased awareness to researchers and private sector regarding the value of research to business.
2.3 Support commercialization activities through a grant scheme.
2.4 Conduct commercialization activities with the TTU.

3. Strengthened links between European Union and Jordanian research and commercialization activities:
3.1     Capacity building for 6 thematic national contact points (NCPs) beside the mobility component.
3.2     Research-Jordan networking event networking event will be organized in Brussels with the objective of raising awareness within European research networks of the potential benefits developing proposals for FP7/ Horizon 2020.

3.3     Final event and media support final event will take place in Brussels showcasing the commercial output of the projects with the aim of identifying European partners to further develop the intellectual property(IP).

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